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All Items are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail (decals ship via first class). Insurance is available for all Priority Mail packages.

Canadian orders ship via USPS ground. All duties and customs fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

SHIPPING Insurance Fees


  $0.75 per order Insurance Coverage Desired Fee in Addition to Postage
  $0.01 to $50.00 $1.30
Coal, Scrap & Boxcar Loads 50.01 to 100.00 2.20
$1.00 - $20.00    $5.00 100.01 to 200.00 3.20
$20.01 - $40.00    $8.00 200.01 to 300.00 4.20
$40.01 - $75.00    $10.00 300.01 to 400.00 5.20
Over $75.00    $12.00 400.01 to 500.00 6.20

Decals ship free with load orders

500.01 to 600.00 7.20

Out of stock items:

Since we are a small manufacturer we are better able to keep our inventory up to date. However, sometimes circumstances beyond our control cause us to be temporarily out of an item. We usually are able to restock this item in less than a week so your order will have minimal delay. If for some reason we will be out of an item for a prolonged period of time your order will be shipped less the out of stock item and the back order item will ship as soon as it is available.

Large orders:

Please understand that large orders for coal & scrap loads may take some time to fill. It is not unusual for a customer to order coal loads to fill a large unit train of 100 cars. Orders such as this can take up to two weeks to ship.


Money orders and personal checks are acceptable. Money orders will ship upon arrival. Personal checks are held 7-10 days. Customers who wish to pay via credit card can E-mail their order to me and I will send a payment request via Paypal. Once I receive a confirmation from Paypal the order will ship. Do not send any credit card information to me.

Cast resin:

The resin we use for our loads is a two part product. Once it is cures it is safe to use in the prescribed manner. If you need to cut or sand this material it is advisable to use a dust mask and safety glasses. This material machines similar to plastic or wood and can be done with ordinary woodworking tools. All cast resin loads can be painted with ordinary model paint or spray paints. Since this is a cast resin, ordinary model glue will not work. You must use CA adhesive (super glue).


All decals are printed on high quality thin film decal paper. This is the same decal paper that most large decal manufacturers use. All normal decal application techniques will work with these decals. Caution should be taken when handling these decals to prevent scratching the printing. Once the decal has been applied over a smooth glossy surface it must be clear coated. This is to protect the printing and to hide the film. Testors gloss/dull coat work well for this. As always, test compatibility of any product you use on a test piece before you commit to using it on your model.