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Makers of fine quality HO scale coal & scrap loads and HO scale decals


Several years ago I was looking for an economical way to fill a long string of coal hoppers with good looking simulated coal loads. After many failed attempts at mass producing loads out of plaster, foam and other materials I decided to try my hand at using resin to cast my loads. As it turned out this was the ideal material to use. After I filled my hoppers with loads, I thought I would try my hand at marketing them Under the Loadking brand. I found that there were many other people out there who were looking for a good quality low cost load for their hoppers as well. I have been selling these at local train shows since 1995 and have literally thousands of coal and scrap loads in use by very satisfied customers.


A couple of years ago, when looking for a set of decals to letter a car and having no luck, I decided to try my hand at producing decals. After much research I decided to produce a line of decals that seems to grow almost monthly.

 Please feel free to look around and ask questions or Email me at dpikulski@roadrunner.com


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